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Innovative Equine Podiatry and Veterinary Services, PLLC, a fully mobile equine veterinary and farrier practice, has expanded serving the Oklahoma and Texas areas. Our clinic is based out of Collinsville, Texas. We provide an in depth educational approach to your equine needs. We offer a full line of general equine services, specializing in advanced and innovative approaches to common hoof ailments.

Northeast Asso of Eq Practitioners Symposium Sept 21-24, Dr. Pittman will be speaking on evaluating the mechanics and loads of the distal limb radiographically and clinically. 

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Texas Equine Veterinary Association Symposium Aug 11-13, Dr. Pittman will be on the equine front end lameness panel. 

Read Dr. Pittman's articles on topics such as laminitis/founder, navicular, white line disease, thin soles, low/crushed heels, foal developement, club feet, high/low syndrome and much more. Complete with case studies, xrays, pictures and drawings. 

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