Dr. Sammy Pittman, veterinarian and farrier, uses advanced and innovative techniques and products in treating all of your horses podiatry needs. Using the most advanced techniques in diagnosing and treating common equine foot diseases such as acute and chronic laminitis, thin soles, long toe/low heels, navicular syndrome, heel pain, abscesses, canker, white line, and toe and quarter cracks. 

Using digital radiography to monitor and evaluate specific parameters with reguards to equine foot biomechanics and venography to evaluate the vascular supply. Dr. Pittman strives to bring horses back to the show pen and save the lives of many seemingly hopeless cases. Local or out of state, call or email for consultations and appointments. 

*IEPVS is a Nanric distributor. Offering Nanric products such as 4pt rail shoes, full rocker shoes, keratex hoof hardener, and biotin.

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All general veterinary equine services, in-depth lameness exams, prepurchase exams, Powerfloat dentistry, portable digital x-ray, portable ultrasound, podiatry consultations, and also offering 24 hour emergency service.




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Full spectrum of equine dentistry for maintenance, performance, and seniors. IEPVS uses Powerfloat dentistry to ensure a complete dental float. We encourage yearly dental exams on all horses young and senior, especially horses currently in training or entering.