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Sammy Pittman, DVM, veterinarian and farrier, has a special interest in lameness and podiatry. Using the most advanced techniques in diagnosing and treating common equine foot diseases such as acute and chronic laminitis, thin soles, long toe/low heels, navicular syndrome, heel pain, toe and quarter cracks, punctures to the hoof, white line disease, canker, abscesses, and angular limb deformities. 

Using digital radiography/xrays to monitor and evaluate specific soft tissue parameters with reguards to equine foot biomechanics and venography to evaluate the vascular supply.

Offering therapeutic shoeing, both nail on or glue on, with hot or cold application. 

Laminitis/founder IS AN EMERGENCY and greater success can come from early aggressive monitoring and mechanical therapy. What we do in the first week can deterimine success and future quality of life. Radiographs and contrast venograms give valuable information about each laminitis case. 

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​IEPVS is now carrying the IEP Innovator Shoe. Offered in a 4 or 6 degree shoe, available with or without a frog plate. Contact the clinic or Dr. Pittman today!

Sammy Pittman, DVM also offers podiatry consultation services. Providing recent radiographs, digital pictures of the hoof, and history will assist Dr. Pittman in better serving you and your horse. Please contact IEPVS for more specifics on items needed for a detailed consultation.

Local or out of state, call or email for consultations and pricing.